About Andrea

Andrea “The Connector” Duchonovic is a wellness enthusiast and a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Andrea is passionate about inspiring people, giving them tools & connecting them to the appropriate experts so they can experience healthier & happier lives.

Andrea has worked with some of the most inspiring health & wellness companies & traveled extensively to conferences so she can continually educate herself and connect with experts and influencers in the industry.

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This ultimately led to requests from individuals who were overwhelmed by all the health & wellness information available on the internet, & the need for clarity in the space. This led her to the creation of Wellness Clarity, a place where one can go & get clarity on different topics in the wellness world.

Furthermore, Andrea’s excitement towards building new partner relationships and collaborations established her role with Health Centers of the Future & Revelation Health as the Director of Strategic Partnerships.

All her endeavors allow her to succeed in her mission of working with like-minded practitioners and health influencer from around the world, so together they can inspire, empower, & change lives.