About Andrea

Hi! I'm Andrea and I would be honored if you allowed me to be your "Personal Wellness Connector." After my own health struggles with undiagnosed health issues and being told over and over again that how I felt was "normal", I decided to do something about it... as I knew that I was meant for SO MUCH MORE! 


What's your story? Are you living your healthiest, happiest most vibrant life? Is your health where it should be? Let me help...


I am a certified holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition & a Toxicity & Detox Specialist.

Over the years, I have worked with some of the most inspiring, sough-out health & wellness experts, traveled extensively to wellness conferences around the globe so I can continually educate myself & connect with leaders in this industry!


Instead of spending HOURS & HOURS researching Dr.Google and trying to figure out what is actually worth your money & your time, you can use me as your go-to Personal Wellness Connector to get you right into the top experts, products & services in whatever you need! 

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I have spoken to so many women who are overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated as they wade through endless amounts of information online, trying to get clear on what's actually going to help them. This is where Wellness Clarity was born... a place where you can go and explore carefully curated, trusted resources while gaining clarity on different topics worth exploring in the wellness world.

Furthermore, my excitement towards building new partner relationships and collaborations established my role with Health Centers of the Future & Revelation Health as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. It's pretty cool :0)

My heartfelt mission is all about working with like-minded practitioners and health influencers from around the world, so together we can clarify, empower, and change your health and life. Because after all, YOUR PATH TO WELLNESS STARTS WITH CLARITY!