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Food, Snacks & Beverages


Four Sigmatic

It’s never been harder to make good choices for your health. If you find yourself stuck in the coffee-crash-wine-melatonin-groggy-coffee cycle, or surrounded by sniffling kids and sneezing coworkers, we’ll help you cut through the fads and take the guesswork out of wellness Four Sigmatic fits transformative magic into your everyday with minimal effort. We upgrade daily rituals so you don’t have to start anything new. From easy-to-use elevated coffee and better evening rituals, to cleaner protein post-workout and edible skincare, we help everyone meet the demands of modern life.

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Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Life Boost Coffee is the best low-acid, single-origin, pesticide-free coffee you can find. This single-origin coffee is 100% chemical-free, shade-grown, hand-selected by local farmers, the flavor is rich, smooth, and with texture. The best part? Because of its low acidity, it's easy on your teeth and stomach, so this means people with stomach issues and digestive problems can drink it without worries.

Pique Tea

Pique Tea

Pique Tea, the tea for radiant health. This 100% organic tea supports your gut health, aids fasting, and can help you keep calm throughout the day. Their crystallization process ensures the compounds from each plant preserve to its maximum potential, and it dissolves in hot and cold water as well with no problem.



The world’s first and only Pure Therapeutic Ketones® made naturally.Utilizing our N8 MAX NAT™ BLEND featuring C-Med 100®, KETO//OS NAT® supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, boosts immune function, and elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition.

Rising Springs

Rising Springs Water

Rising Springs. This water comes from one of the deepest natural springs (2.2 miles deep) in Idaho. Packed with natural mineral supplements such as silica, fluoride, and bicarbonate which makes it the kind of water your body naturally needs. This helps improve your skin, bones, and body's health.

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Support Supplements & Gadgets

Fasting Trio (Rev. Health)

Fasting Trio (Rev. Health)

The Fasting Trio is a special pack developed to be used as a support during a fasting period. It contains CytoDetox, Fastonic, and TrueCarbonCleanse which combined can optimize your results, and help you through the process of fasting. CytoDetox can be used before, during, or after fasting, and it will reduce toxins that have bioaccumulated during a lifetime. Fastonic reduces oxidative stress and neutralizes free radicals that are released during fasting. And TrueCarbonCleanse is a gut detoxifier and it attaches to and eliminates toxins that prevent them from being reabsorbed back.

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CytoDetox holds on to the toxins in your body, this way you can have a full-body, safe, and quick detoxification. It is designed to help the body's natural ability to capture and remove the toxins that are blocking its natural state of health. This contains 100% natural binders that support the removal of environmental toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, and biotoxins at the cellular level.

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Ketabo-shake. For people who want to boost their dietary diversity, this Keto and Paleo-friendly shake filled with high-quality, broad-range, nutritious products will give your brain energy and support cellular fat-burning. A great way to break your fast in the morning, this non-mgo, gluten-free, grass-fed protein supplement has a balanced amount of complex carbs (11%), protein (19%), and fat (70%).

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Keto Mojo

My favorite ketone and glucose blood meter, with strips as low as $1! I love the Keto-Mojo promo bundle. Let's get trackin'!

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Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded formulas provide you with supplements and an at-home painless and easy hair test. This way, you'll have results that show your body's needs, so you can take the supplements you truly need. Why is a test the way to go? You can determine the diet that suits your needs perfectly, you can pinpoint the deficiencies you have and know what are the best supplements you should take. Whether it is the Upgraded Nano Zinc, which will optimize your hormone levels and provide you with immune support; the Upgraded Nano Magnesium Capsules, which will give you calm, focus, and deep sleep; or any of the other amazing Upgraded supplements.

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Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins

Vital proteins provide collagen and promote your collagen production, improving your health, skin, nails, joints, bones, and even your athletic performance. They have collagen peptides, collagen water, immune booster, and performance aids that will let you live life to the fullest, so your body isn't the limitation, but the catalyst.

Guides, Challenges, & Programs

Dr. Mindy Pelz YouTube _ Logo

The Reset Academy | Dr.Mindy Pelz

The Reset Academy is a program designed to reset your health. This group health coaching, cutting edge nutrition information, and positive, supportive community has unique tools, including access to the Reset Master Class library. You'll have access to 14 courses with information about fasting, autophagy, ketobiotic, and cycling, and recipe library about autophagy, ketobiotic, partial fasting, feast day, and more.


Fasting Webinar | Dr. David Jockers

This controversial intermittent fasting webinar will teach you the most common fasting mistakes, the 7 reasons why fasting doesn't work, what you can do to make sure fasting works for you, so you can lose weight, eliminate pain, and feel younger with just one fasting trick.


Fasting Program | Dr. David Jockers

Are you interested in fasting? Do you want to learn about the most common myths about fasting? Do you want to get started with intermittent fasting? Or do you want to learn the best fasting strategies for optimal health? This quickstart program is for you! With 12 video lessons, 16 powerful bonuses, and a fasting transformation quickstart guide, you'll have lifetime access to this amazing resource.



Beyond Fasting _ Dr. Dan Pompa

Beyond Fasting | Dr. Dan Pompa

This book will guide you through a 7-week protocol designed to prepare you for the fast by getting your cells through fat-adaptation, this way you'll go beyond fasting, so the results will begin from the first day of your fast. You will heal the body naturally, decrease fatigue, low energy, brain fog, weight loss resistance, low libido, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, and more.

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Life in the fasting lane (Dr. Jason Fung)

Life in the Fasting Lane | Dr. Jason Fung - Megan Ramos

Life in the Fasting Lane will guide you through the basics of a fasting lifestyle and answer the most common questions about fasting and offers a customizable program with real results. This will show you the science behind fasting as a weight-loss strategy. With meal planning guides and mental strategies, you'll find evidence of health benefits, from the reversal of diabetes and other metabolic disorders to improved cognitive function and increased longevity.

The Complete Guide to Fasting (Jason Fung, MD)

The Complete Guide to Fasting | Jason Fung, MD

The Complete Guide To Fasting does honor its name. You'll learn why fasting is good for our health, who can benefit from fasting, who doesn't benefit from fasting, the different ways to fast (intermittent, alternate-day, and extended fasting), how to track progress while fasting, weight loss effects of fasting, how to say ward off potential negative effects from fasting, and a lot more. This therapeutic approach will be given to you with an overall knowledge of what fasting is about, why it's important, and how fasting improves your health.

Podcasts & YouTube Channels

Fasting Focused Podcasts

Waist Awat- The Intermittent Fasting Podcast _ Chantel Ray

Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast | Chantel Ray

Do you want to MELT fat away by changing when you eat, not what you eat through intermittent fasting? Do you want to escape the slavery of yo-yo dieting, heal your thyroid without medicine, reverse autoimmune issues, and identify TRUE hunger? Then the Chantel Ray Way Podcast is for you! Learn the inspirational way to maintain your ideal weight for life through intermittent fasting.

Cellular Healing TV - Podcast Logo

Cellular Healing TV | Dr. Daniel Pompa

A weekly podcast series covering Cellular Healing Solutions and Strategies that will transform your life and how you view health. Healing and death begin on the cell membrane so that means when you learn how to heal the cell you will get well.

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Fasting Focused YouTube Channels

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Informative Videos, Articles & Podcast Episodes

Fasting Focused Videos

Dr. Mindy Pelz YouTube _ Logo

Should You FAST If You Are Adrenal Fatigued?

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Fasting Focused Articles

mbg (Mind Body Green)

What Actually Breaks a Fast According to Intermittent Fasting Experts | MindBodyGreen


Ketosis & Fasting: What are Ketones | Dr. Pompa

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Fasting Focused Podcast Episodes

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Chantel Ray

Chantel gathers all the information about weight loss and intermittent fasting and creates a guide to help you achieve your personal goal. All this without worrying about food, deprivation, or stress. On her website, you'll have access to the most common questions about intermittent fasting, terms, and more.


Dr David Jockers

Dr. Jockers' website is designed to help people achieve the solutions to improve their health. His mission is to help people achieve goals by inspiring and empowering them to their full health potential. The website features recipes, health news, information about the ketogenic diet, brain, and digestive health, fasting, programs, and so much more that will support you in the process of achieving your health goals.

Dr. Mindy Pelz

Dr.Mindy Pelz is a helpful resource for recipes, supplements, and health news. You'll have easy access to her Resetter Podcast Episodes, her community Reset Academy, her Toxin Reset Program, and more. She provides cutting edge, science-based, effective information for you and your family's health. Her passion and focus include gut microbiome, heavy metal detoxification, brain function, hormone balance, and limitless energy

Melanie Avalon Website _ Logo

Melanie Avalon

On her website, she features different subjects like intermittent fasting, paleo, wine, biohacking, and more. With different blog entries, podcasts, and her book "What When Wine" you'll get an amazing insight into the Paleo and Intermittent fasting world without cravings and calorie restrictions.

The Fasting Method (Dr.Jason Fung & Meghan Ramos) Website _ Logo

The Fasting Method | Dr.Jason Fung & Megan Ramos

The Fasting Method is a great intermittent fasting program with personalized coaching that will allow you to customize the program specifically for you and your needs. With benefits like weight loss, blood sugar improvements with diet, and reduce medications, this program is supported by science to improve your health.

Fasting Coaches & Practitioners

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Events, Communities & Membership

Fasting Events

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Fasting Communities & Memberships


Fasting for a Purpose FB group | Dr. Daniel Pompa

Fasting For A Purpose is a support group for individuals who fast for health and/or spiritual enrichment. Join thousands of health practitioners, health experts, and health seekers in this massive group fasting event and closed community to participate, learn, and experience the health and spiritual benefits of fasting now.

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