Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis | Upgraded Formulas

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis | Upgraded Formulas

This hair kit analysis tests for health metrics in 3 crucial areas key minerals, heavy metals, and metabolic function. After you collect the hair sample and send it, you'll receive a fast test result, an action plan with product recommendations made for your specific needs, and an optional consultation with an Upgraded Certified Nutritionist that will guide you interpreting your test results.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (Myers Detox)

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis | Myers Detox

Hair Mineral Analysis helps you determine if you have heavy metal toxicity, which heavy metals you have if you have a mineral deficiency, and which minerals you need to supplement. If you suffer from weight, energy, brain, pain, digestive, and immune system problems this test will help you identify what's causing them, how to attack them, transform your body, and change your life. This test can identify nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, metabolic rates, adrenal fatigue, thyroid function, nervous system imbalances, protein synthesis, inflammation, energy levels, liver and kidney stress, and a lot more.


True Cellular Detox


The TDC4You program will reboot your body. This process begins by determining the sources of stress that may be causing damage in your whole body. It will help you get all the toxic metals, halides, and toxins out. This program will boost your energy, solve your brain issues (like brain fog), improve your immune system, help your metabolism, so you can get rid of stubborn fat, reduce chronic pain, and way more.