Benefits of Iodine For Women | Upgraded Formulas PRODUCT REVIEW w/ Barton (Mineral Series)

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Do you have an Iodine deficiency? 😱 & why is this damn guy on my channel this much? 🤣…

Well, he’s a damn genius when it comes to minerals, has some of the cleanest and most bioavailable minerals I have seen, and if that is not enough, he’s a pretty amazing human!

So… 96% out of 6000 people are deficient in Iodine.

This antiviral supplement can prevent viruses from replicating in your body & so much more.

CRUCIAL mineral for my ladies!

Learn the benefits of Iodine for women, and so much more in this informative product review with founder Barton Scott!


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Andrea Duchonovic 0:20
Hello, and welcome back to my channel. Andrea, your personal Wellness Connector here coming to you with another amazing product interview with my dear friend who by now you know Mr. Barton Scott, what’s up, Barton?

Barton Scott 0:33
Hey guys. Great to be back.

Andrea Duchonovic 0:35
Yes, my mineral genius. Okay, today we are talking about iodine I don’t have your new bottle, I still have the old one of iodine, but that’s the open one I’m taking right now. I’m taking it once a day. I love it. I started taking this of course after I tested with you, I know you could go more into this. I know iodine is a little bit hard to really truly test your levels. From what I understand. I might be totally wrong. But I know because of the mineral deficiencies in our soils and beyond that most of us are really super deficient in iodine. So I’m taking it and I know detox energy called hands and feet, which was a side effect I had from thyroid issues, you know, mild, thankfully, thyroid issues, but still cold hands and feet. So I absolutely love this product. What is iodine? Why do we need it? Why is it important?

Barton Scott 1:26
So iodine is such an overlooked nutrient. Iodine is essential for your brain to work well because your thyroid needs it. So you need to produce energy because nearly all your energy in your body is produced in your thyroid and adrenals. So a lot of people are on thyroid medication to get more thyroid output, but they really should be taking the nutrients that the thyroid needs to produce that output in the first place. Iodine helps you do that. It’s not the only nutrient. We have peak thyroid for that, which is a great like, multi-mineral for that. But iodine by itself is something that nearly everyone needs some of because, and we’ve talked about the state before, but in a study of 6000 people 96% were deficient and some were already taking iodine. So that’s a big deal. Just assume that you’re loving it because probably are, there’s no, it’s one of the few minerals out there that is in such small amounts in the body, it’s really hard to test for the other thing is that so many people are so chronically deficient and it doesn’t register. So that’s the thing. So that’s the other part of it, it’s like well, the test came back, like below the sand, that’s because you really need it. Alright, additionally, iodine is anti-viral, it’s one of the few things out there, true or false for people is purell or any of the hand sanitizers anti viral, they’re actually not. They really aren’t, that upsetting, but that’s just a fact. So iodine is actually anti-viral when you put in a petri dish with other viruses, and they stop replicating. So it’s really brilliant. Because imagine that in your body, it’s preventing those viruses from replicating, so then they just start dying, now you have less of a load that you’re carrying, which means you have more energy, more vitality, you feel better, and then you start playing that vacation, or that second side hustle, or whatever it is that you want to do with your life right now. You just have, you know, and it’s subtle, but it’s really, really effective. And if you don’t take care of this, you end up on medications. And that’s not a path I want people to be on because all medications to some degree, because they’re not there. They are foreign to the body. They are toxic. That’s how the body just thinks of anything that’s foreign it’s toxic. So the body then has to detox that from so something else that thyroid’s amazing for iodine is amazing for is, it actually helps you if you have cold hands been it’ll help you with that too. Whether or not you do, even if you’re hyperthyroid, you’re probably during some portion of the day like alternating in the low thyroid range too this helps you so you get smoother, more balanced thyroid output. And yeah, so there are some really key things to understand about it and ours, you know, so our product has a lot more iodine than almost any other product out there.

Andrea Duchonovic 4:50
I wanted to talk, sorry to cut you off. I wanted to talk about the dosage because that’s kind of what I did when I came across yours and I was just like comparing always the dosage to like other stuff. supplements and like you said, there’s a lot of other supplements that are mixed. And like you have iodine and your peak thyroid, right? So there’s a lot of things out there like support products that have iodine. So it was interesting to kind of see the measurements and yours was really higher than most that I’ve seen. So, sorry to cut you off. But I wanted to touch on that first and go into why and where should we start? What do you think we need? for yours it’s a dropper. So let’s talk about those things.

Barton Scott 5:28
Yeah, so the dropper is there. So you can cut this dose personally in half, or 10th, or whatever you want, really, by taking a few drops. And, you know, you can look at the back for instructions, obviously. And it’s all there. If you ever any questions slow down enough, read the back of the label, it’s really intelligently written, thoughtfully written, it’s going to have some answers for you there. But you know, most people, if their thyroid really isn’t performing, and they, they’ve done the work to strengthen their adrenals, you know, which we can talk about later, then they really can benefit from a much larger dose than what the RDA of iodine is, which is incredibly low. So the RDA for us is 150 micrograms, which is, so it’s about 100 times less than the healthiest nation with the longest longevity in the world. So if I’m them, I want to model what they’re doing. So they’re getting a lot of that. Japan, that is from a lot of sea vegetables. Now, some of the sea vegetables, nearly also, sea vegetables outside of kelp have a lot of toxicity associated with them. So you know, by nature, you’re consuming some heavy metals too. So what I really love about this is that you get it without the toxic load. So that’s really cool. It’s up to you to decide the dose. If you want to do less of a dose, you can always start with half of what’s recommended or our water or what have you, you know, testing and making sure your adrenals are really strong. Using a hair analysis is a great idea. I highly recommend that consultation, go that route to really get the most out of it. These are, it’s just one of those minerals it’s often overlooked. So I hope this interview helps people really understand this nutrient better, and respect it, and pay attention to it.

Andrea Duchonovic 7:26
Yeah, absolutely. So I mean, honestly one of my favorite ones that I use all the time, and I love the dosage, I just went straight up for the full dropper and I felt fine like you said, but then I have people I’ve worked with that did it and it might have been too much. So like you said, start slow and steady, right? And it’s something that you are going to be on for very, very or should be on for a very, very long time. So no rush there. Barton, thank you so much love you love our iodine. And I will see you guys later at another product review. Thank you


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