Pique Tea Product Review | & Why Most Tea Companies Fail

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Andrea Duchonovic  0:13  

Hello, Andrea here your personal Wellness Connector coming to you with a product review. 

And today I will be reviewing Pique Tea. It’s actually an incredible tea that I absolutely love, so I wanted to give them a shout-out and a true review. 

So a lot of you might be drinking tea because, well it’s good for you, right, or maybe you don’t drink coffee, you want a little bit of a caffeine kick, but something that’s lower in caffeine, that traditional coffee, maybe you’re drinking it for the herbal benefits. 

Tea is amazing for us. I mean, let’s be honest, and there are so many brands out there. The reason that I love peak tea is that one thing you might not know is the fact that if you’re just drinking regular tea, especially if it’s not organic, you might actually be consuming a lot of toxic metal, heavy metals, a lot of pesticides, even things like mold. 

Our coffees, as well as teas, might actually be filled with mold. It’s unfortunate, but it is the truth. 

What I love about Pique Tea is number one, their mission, their brand, and their mission. The founder, Simon had his own challenges, working with herbs saved his health and his life. They do so much education around the products. It’s not just like, hey, trust us, here’s Pique Tea, drink it pay for it.

They actually educate around the product. They also partner up together with Dr. Jason Fung. If you don’t know who he is one of the leaders in the fasting world and what they did with Dr. Jason Fung is actually created fasting teas, which I say if you could only get one type of tea from Pique to try, I would absolutely try the fasting tea so don’t judge me. I have this little basket filled with Pique Tea here. A lot of the white-labeled ones are actually the fasting teas. If you’re like me when you fast, sometimes you get hungry. Sometimes you just want a little bit of a pick-me-up. I love my caffeine. Let’s be honest, I’m a busy lady. I mean, I try to keep it to a minimum but still. I love the fasting tea.

See there’s a ton of education on their website with them and Dr. Jason Fung, hopefully, I’ll get to interview him one of these days as well. And their collaboration creating teas that are going to tame hunger, teas that are not going to harm your body but they’re actually going to help your body.

They are triple checked for all of these different toxins and screened. So again, just 18 stars if I could give him 18 stars 50 I could give him 50. It is a very or pretty pricey tea so if you cannot afford Pique Tea, I would really stick with the organic brand. So go to your local store. There’s a ton of organic brands out there that you could grab, try to grab the ones either loose tea is my favorite. And that way you could put it like in a teacup with the little, filters on its own or buy tea that’s in a like a paper bag.

The new teas they started making with that kind of plasticky triangular bag actually have a lot of bad things in there that you don’t want to ingest. So stick to those. If you could get Pique Tea, give them a try. They actually have a 30-day guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you could send it back but absolutely one of my favorite teas to drink. So cheers to Pique.

????Learn more about Pique Tea: https://bit.ly/3xyBuec​

Use Coupon code WELLNESSCLARITY for 5% off on their site ????

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