Podcast Appearance | The Resetter Podcast

By wellnessclarity / December 18, 2020 /

This episode is all about exploring lifestyle choices and daily habits that truly impact your health.  Andrea “The Connector” Duchonovic is a wellness enthusiast and a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Andrea is passionate about inspiring people, giving them tools & connecting them to the appropriate experts to experience healthier &…

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Exploring Lifestyle Choices That Can Truly Impact Your Health

By wellnessclarity / September 25, 2019 /

“Diets” worth exploring & sticking to for life. My experience over the last 12+ years as a certified health coach has led me to learn and explore MANY, (and I mean many) different lifestyles aka “diets” out there. I have probably tried all of them! The negative effects on your body from yoyo dieting are…

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