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This episode is all about exploring lifestyle choices and daily habits that truly impact your health. 

Andrea “The Connector” Duchonovic is a wellness enthusiast and a certified health coach with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. Andrea is passionate about inspiring people, giving them tools & connecting them to the appropriate experts to experience healthier & happier lives.

In this podcast, we cover:

  • – The importance of community on your health journey 
  • – How to know if your mitochondria are sick 
  • – The ways to get clarity on different topics in the wellness world 
  • – Why you need to take one step at a time on your health journey 
  • – About Andrea’s favorite health influencers 
  • – The importance of quality time and staying present 

People are not living in a health bubble. When you surround yourself with people in the health world, it becomes effortless to live a healthy life. There’s a whole world out there that’s not living in the health bubble. Yet, they want to be healthy. So, what is it like? Andrea says your community will make a massive impact on your life. If your community values health, it will only be a matter of time until you value health.

When people follow you on social media, they are looking for mastery. However, they’ll stay on your social media when they feel community. People shouldn’t be scared of changing their health and their life. Many people are afraid to know the truth. Health doesn’t have to be hard – fix it now! It’s your responsibility and your body. Look at the five people that you hang around. If they aren’t making health a priority, then your journey will be a lot more complicated. 

People think health problems are routine – we accept mediocrity. Everyone has the responsibility to find out more about their health and dig deeper. Yet, the health world is so overwhelming. That’s why Andrea created Wellness Clarity. Andrea is helping the world find the perfect health information that is right for each individual. Google is a blessing and a curse. Thankfully, we have access to loads of information. Unfortunately, we don’t know who to trust. 

Andrea got rid of all the CRAP that’s a waste of money, a waste of time, and a waste of resources. Everything on Wellness Clarity is something that Andrea has personally tried. Plus, Andrea personally vets all of the programs. Women need a website where they can trust everything, that’s where Wellness Clarity comes in. Spend time on the website and find all of the fantastic videos and resources Andrea has collected for your health journey. 

Stay tuned as we talk about Andrea’s favorite health influencers, Andrea’s top health tips, and the inspiration behind her masterclass.

Andrea’s message for the world is to work on yourself first.


Wellness Clarity: Resources For Keeping Health Simple – with Andrea Duchonovic

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