What I Learned about Self-Care and it’s Importance

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Self-care is a word that I have heard often, but have never looked into its power because I always thought I have practiced it. I eat right, exercise, read personal development books and surround myself with amazing people. But then it hit me. I am constantly chasing something. A better job, a slimmer & stronger body, and before I settled down, a “better” mate.

When you’re a mother, a sister, a wife or simply a woman who is overwhelmed with the day-to-day grind, I understand that it can seem almost impossible to have time to practice self-care or anything else for that matter! I want to inspire you to take back your power, your health, and truly start to take care of yourself, inside and out.

For as long as I can remember, I was a giver. I saw the power and brilliance of holistic health and wellness a long time ago, and all I wanted was others to see it too. I wanted to fix my family’s health, my friends and anyone else who would listen. As women, we are natural caregivers, and helping those in need around us is a natural desire. However, it is important to first tend to OUR wants and needs. Without that balance, we as caregivers can become depleted and our health and wellness will begin to fall.

Taking care of ourselves in a genuine way, and putting ourselves first is not selfish. I am not a mother yet but I hope to be one soon, and as I go through my day-to-day grind, I think about how much of this energy I should be shifting to regenerate myself. My soul, body, and mind. The more we learn to empower ourselves, the more energy & love we will have to share with those around us. So I pledge to always take care of myself, so I can show up every day as my authentic self for my current and future family, my friends and my community.

So what do we do exactly? What IS self-care, and how do we do it right? Sure, taking a day and visiting the spa, hitting the hot tub or going for a long walk on the beach will help you relax and recharge, and I highly recommend those be a part of your routine. But sometimes self-care is more than that. Real self-care addresses the root cause of stress. It heals the divine feminine energy in the long run, & recharges us while empowering us to express our authentic self.

Self-care might look like hitting the sauna one day and taking the time to grieve on another day. This realization hit home for me, as I had to recently deal with my father’s passing. After many years of battling what started as colon cancer and suffering for a very long time, he left me and my family in June and is finally at peace. A part of me was so relieved because I was grateful he was no longer in pain. But the other part of me felt sadness, loneliness & guilt. Guilt that I did not spend more time with him (even though I know I did my best living in San Diego and him living in Slovakia), guilt that I did not speak to him more, and tell him daily how much I loved him. It took reflection, time, and knowing that it is OK to grieve, be sad, think about him and cry for him, but also laugh and smile thinking about how he always made me feel. That is a part of healing: just allowing yourself to feel. I know he would be proud, and he is with me every day!

During my hardest times, I also have had some of my best times when it comes to my career and passions. For the longest time, I felt guilty to celebrate these successes with my family and the world. How can I be so fulfilled and so empty at the same time?

Listening to people’ss stories, experiences and lessons learned showed me that I am not alone in this journey. Everyone has a story, a trauma, an experience that has made them be someone they intentionally did not want to be that day, week, month or year. We are in this together, and we can learn from each other’s experiences and truly learn how to practice self-care that works!

Whether you want to conquer chronic illness or disease, make more money, lose body fat, gain muscle, optimize your hormones, or heal from trauma: there are free resources available for you to achieve your goals.

During my dad’s illness, I promised myself to always stay empowered to take charge of my health. I have one body, and I need to take care of it. What about you? Health is often taken for granted until it is in decline, and in our modern toxic world, women are facing an increased number of health issues both acute and chronic.
Let’s step up, become the advocates of our health and life. Let’s use all the incredible resources we have available now. Blogs, books, podcasts, seminars, and workshops are providing women with access to alternative healthcare protocols, treatments, and hope. Let’s stand up, connect, and take our health into our own hands.

Let’s talk about our feelings, thoughts, and findings. Let’s heal ourselves from our past traumas, as that is one of the most profound ways to self-care. Let’s remember, we are not alone, and together, we can take a path that will enable each and every one of us to take back our power, no matter what. When we heal ourselves, we can show up authentically for our friends and family, and we can start giving back in unimaginable ways.


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